Customise Settings For Your Business

MHPOS can be as robust or simple as you need it to be. With several settings options that can be altered, MHPOS is designed to be a perfect fit for businesses in all kinds of industry verticals.


Add Edit Products

More back-end functionality at your fingertips. Add your product details and capture product picture with iPad camera, all from the settings menu. Adjust your tax rates and be up selling without using your regular cash register.


Payment Processing on iPAD

A secure way for payment processing.


Printing From iPAD

Print Receipts and Z-reports automatically with Star printer via wireless connection. Utilizing integrated Card payments, Customers can add signature straight from the POS touch screen to be auto-printed on the receipt in seconds.


Speedy Transaction, Email Receipt

Everything from small sales to complex custom sales orders are processed in a blink! Log in to your iPad point of sale app to sell anything from anywhere. Synchronization with back-office happens automatically.


Search Through Past Sales

SIPL syncs all of your sales AND maintains a local database on the iPad. This means that you have quick access to any past sales records, allowing you to search to verify information, settle a dispute, reprint or email a receipt, or process a refund. We believe that paper records are a thing of the past, but if you do need to print a hard copy of any tickets.


Empowering You To Sell More..

Getting paid should be at the core of your POS system. The SIPL iPad POS makes processing payment quick and easy. Designed to be equal parts efficient and beautiful, the Register app features an intuitive and friendly design. From the register, you can add products and one-column to a ticket, apply tips and discounts, choose customer, and receive payment in seconds.


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