Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

What is MHungryPOS?

MHungryPOS is a Web-based ready-to-use business solution that enables you to operate, record, track and manage your sales and inventory, with multiple branches.

Why Use MHungryPOS?

MHungryPOS gives a powerful inventory management, sales management(Point of Sale or POS) and business analysis tools that are very simple to use without any setup required.

Who can benefit from MHungryPOS?

Businesses such as single or multi-branch specialty stores, boutiques and chain stores can use MHungryPOS such as bookstores, jewelry stores, wholesalers, home businesses, duty-free shops etc.

What do I need to get started?

You just need a computer and an Internet connection. You can optionally connect a receipt printer, scanner and cash drawer.

What Operating Systems are MH - POS Compatible with?

MH - POS is designed to work on Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000 Professional SP4 or Later, Windows XP Embedded For POS (WEPOS), Windows Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. Operating systems prior to Windows 2000 are not supported.



Can I Update the Back Office Data While POS is Operational?

Yes, you may update the back office data even when POS is operational. We do recommend making changes to key back office data such as employee and menu during off peak periods.

Will MHungryPOS hamper any existing software which is running in a system previously?

No it will not conflict with any other software.

What Type of Restaurants Use MH - POS Software?

MH - POS is ideal for Table Service, Quick Service and Bar restaurant operators. We have multiple restaurants as customer in MHungry portal.

What Type of Restaurants Use MH - POS Software?

MH - POS is ideal for Table Service, Quick Service and Bar restaurant operators. We have multiple restaurants as customer in MHungry portal.

Can MHungryPOS support product pictures?

Yes. You can upload or attach an image for each product.

Can MHungryPOS support cash drawer?

Yes. A cash drawer can be connected to your POS receipt printer. Just make sure that your cash drawer is compatible with your POS receipt printer.

Can MHungryPOS support tax input?

Yes. You can customize and set tax rates for your geography, anywhere worldwide. You can also adjust for tax-free items or tax-free status

Can MHungryPOS handle large numbers of inventory items?

Yes. There is no practical limit to the number of products you can define in MHungryPOS Premium. From our experience, we expect that each MHungryPOS Premium store will have an average of two to ten thousand products.

Can MHungryPOS handle a large number of users and multiple branches?

Yes. There is also no practical limit in the number of branches or users you can define for your MHungryPOS Premium Account. We only say 1 to 100 branches so that you can more easily appreciate the power of MHungryPOS. Each user can be assigned individual roles and designated branches. Each branch can have its very own inventory and sales records.

What kind of support do you offer?

You are supported 24/7 online with the most reliable system that technology can offer. You will find you will not need much, if any, additional support. For Premium users, we also offer email support.

Can MHungryPOS support category management?

Yes. MHungryPOS Premium offers a powerful and convenient 'tag' feature, which lets you use any number of tags for any item. It allows you to search items and analyze your sales by tags.

Can I use MHungryPOS to print receipts using a POS receipt printer?

Yes you can. MHungryPOS works with the leading brand POS receipt printers.

Can MHungryPOS support the use of barcode scanners?

Yes. All major-brand barcode scanners work with MHungryPOS. No special software installation needed. Barcodes greatly increase the integrity of the point-of-sale transactions. If cash personnel have to enter a stock code for each POS transaction the chances of making mistakes are higher.


Pricing and Billing

How Much Does MH - POS Software Cost?

If you are interested to use MH - POS software at your restaurant or have questions regarding our products, please contact our sales office. We will be more than happy to forward your interest to our sales department who may provide you with an exact price quote and service details.

How do I pay for MHungryPOS?

You pay MHungryPOS's monthly rate through commonly accepted payment options, such as credit cards or through Pay Pal.

Can you describe your free version of MHungryPOS?

MHungryPOS Free is suited for small retailers with a single store and limited transactions. It includes a complete Point of Sale (POS) system with inventory management.

What is the setup cost and minimum contract period?

There is no setup cost, no minimum contract period, no cancellation fee. You upgrade or downgrade at any time. There are no hidden charges.


Security and Performance

How reliable and stable is my business on MHungryPOS's system?

MHungryPOS is online 24/7. MHungryPOS is as stable and reliable as the major players on the Internet. Reliability and stability are top priorities.

Tell Me About the Network Capabilities of MH - POS?

MH - POS can either work in single station mode or on a local area network with multiple stations. You will need a license for each station running MH - POS For Restaurants software.
MH - POS For Restaurants software can also be ran in Terminal Services mode if you have the proper server hardware and software. You will still need a POS software license for each terminal services session.
The networked POS will allow you to create order on one station and edit/settle on another. To increase operations efficiency, we usually recommend restaurants to have at least 2 POS stations. One used as cashier and order entry, while the other used as dedicated order entry terminal.

Do you use SSL for security?

Yes we do, for MHungryPOS users. SSL is the same encryption and security technology used by major banks and governments. It keeps all data traffic over the internet undecipherable to others.


Support & Training

How can my staff and I be trained to use MHungryPOS?

MHungryPOS was designed to be very easy to use, so you'll be able to quickly use the system.

What should I do if I get an error message while using MHungryPOS?

If you get an error message within the MHungryPOS software, please let us know right away so that we can fix the problem. To contact us, please go through our contact us page with your account and describe the error you found. Your issue will be assigned to someone on the MHungryPOS staff who will work to resolve the problem as fast as possible.


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